Education-Business Partnership
In April 2015, INNOVA Project Consulting in partnership with Neamt and Brasov Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Neamt House of Teachers organized in Brasov and Piatra Neamt the launching conferences of the project Education-Business Partnership PEB. The overall objective of the project is to facilitate the transition from school to active life through vocational guidance and counselling of 600 students enrolled in the national secondary education sistem (ISECD 3) from the North- East and Centre Development Regions and the establishment, organization and functioning of 120 virtual companies. INNOVA role in the project is to promote the concept of sustainable development among students, as well as how these virtual companies can be managed responsibly by applying a different management model.
Sustainable Project Management
In June 2015, in the transnational project meeting from Poland, Innova Project Consulting has presented the Sustainable Project Management methodology. The project “BE, ACT, LIVE: Being Aware, Discovering the Quality of Life, Acting for Living!” aims to start a modernization process of the educational system from Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Portugal and Italy using new technologies and promoting an healthy and responsible behavior among pupils. Another innovative element of this project financed by European Commission under Erasmus + Program is the management methodology used for this project that integrates sustainability indicators. INNOVA Project Consulting has identified specific indicators in order to measure the economic, social and environmental performance of the project.
Entrepreneurship and Sustainability
It has been launched the training program “Entrepreneurship and Sustainability”. The training courses will be organized in 12 counties from Romania. The trainees will learn all the steps in order to start a new business and how to manage a company taking into account the sustainability principles.
Sustainability Strategy and the Action Plans
48 new companies are supported by INNOVA Project Consulting to adopt the sustainability practices in the daily activities. In this sense, INNOVA Project Consulting has defined the Sustainability Strategy and the Action Plans for each companies. Different projects has been created and will implemented in the following year.